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Wilfrid Laurier University blueprint collection
CA ON00362 C35-40 · Coleção · 1923 - 2008

The fonds consists of blueprints for construction, additions and renovations for Wilfrid Laurier University and its institutional predecessors.

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Emily Stowe and Augusta Stowe Gullen collection
CA ON00362 C61 · Fundo · 1854-1963, predominant 1854-1921

The collection consists of photographs; scrapbooks of correspondence, photographs, and newspaper clippings; monographs; poetry and prose; biographical information; and other material complied by and about Emily Stowe and Augusta Stowe Gullen. Material relates to their personal and professional lives, and the suffrage movement.

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Gotthard Booth fonds
CA ON00362 R1 · Fundo · 1915-1982

The fonds consists of publications, papers, manuscripts, correspondence, newspaper clippings, rough notes, case files, and other materials created and accumulated by Gotthard Booth.

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Faculty of Music – Office of the Dean fonds
CA ON00362 R4 · Fundo · 1967 - ?

The fonds consist of records from the Faculty of Music, Office of the Dean. It includes program records, reports, minutes, publicity material and photographs.

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Kenneth Hewitt fonds
CA ON00362 S579 · Fundo · 1918-2006

The fonds consists of publications, reports, correspondence, papers, maps, surveys, notes, inventories, newspaper clippings, statistics, and other material produced and accumulated by Kenneth Hewitt. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Personal; Publications; Risk, hazards and disasters; Armed violence/peace research: hazards of war and armed repression for civilian populations, settlements, and habitats; Geomorphology; Geography: theory and profession.

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Maureen Forrester fonds.
CA ON00362 S708 · Fundo · 1894 - 1984

The Maureen Forrester fonds consists of scores, correspondence and publications accumulated by Maureen Forrester.

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Clara Bernhardt fonds
CA ON00362 S714 · Fundo · 1928-1991

Fonds consists of publications, manuscripts, scrapbooks, personal and business papers, and other materials produced and collected by Clara Bernhardt. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Biographical; Prose; Poetry; Reviews; Music; Personal papers; Business papers; Publications.

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Personal Studio fonds
CA ON00362 S719 · Fundo · 1953-1995

The fonds consists of photographs and negatives depicting scenes of Waterloo College (later named Waterloo Lutheran University and Wilfrid Laurier University) and portraits of faculty, staff, and students.

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Ray Houser fonds
CA ON00362 S735 · Fundo · 1960-1963

The fonds consists Waterloo Lutheran Seminary fundraising information, and sermons by Ray Houser. Fonds is comprised of the following series: Waterloo Lutheran Seminary fund raising; Sermons

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Harold Russell fonds
CA ON00362 S742 · Fundo · 1955-1958

The fonds consists of publications and images created and accumulated by Harold Russell during his time as an undergraduate student Waterloo College.

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