This is the online demo site for the Access to Memory (AtoM) project. AtoM is a web-based open source application for archival description and access in a multi-repository, multilingual environment. Want to learn more about what that means? Please visit our website:

If you'd like to see some examples of real AtoM websites in use by some of our community, check out the Users page on our wiki:

We maintain an online User Forum where new and experienced users are welcome to post questions, start discussions, share experiences, and pool resources. Join us!

All of our end user documentation is available on our website - we generate a new version of our User, Administrator, and Developer Manuals for each major release. Check them out here:

AtoM is developed and released under a GNU Affero General Public License (AGPLv3), meaning you are free to download it, study it, modify it, and redistribute it. You can find tarball packages of our releases on the the Downloads part of the AtoM website, or check out our GitHub repository:

AtoM is currently maintained by its lead developers, Artefactual Systems. To learn more about us and the additional services we offer, visit: