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Wilfrid Laurier University

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  • 1973-

In 1910 the Canada Synod and Synod of Central Canada of the Lutheran Church entered into an agreement to establish a Lutheran Seminary. Though the location first proposed for the Seminary was Toronto, Waterloo was selected when its citizens offered a tract of land on the boundary of the town. The choice of location was further influenced by the fact that the majority of Lutherans in Ontario lived in the vicinity of Waterloo and Berlin (Kitchener). In 1911 the Evangelical Lutheran Seminary of Canada opened its doors.

Facilities for pre-theological education were established in 1914 with courses leading to senior matriculation given in Waterloo College School.

In 1924 the Waterloo College of Arts, providing courses in post-secondary education in a four year program, was established. In 1925 the Faculty of Arts, under the name of Waterloo College, affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. Waterloo College soon began to offer honours degree programs in the arts.

The affiliation with the University of Western Ontario ended in 1960 when the Seminary obtained a revised charter changing the name of the institution to Waterloo Lutheran University.

On November 1, 1973, Waterloo Lutheran University became Wilfrid Laurier University, one of Ontario's provincially assisted universities after Bill 178 was given Royal Assent by the Lieutenant Governor (and former Waterloo Lutheran University Chancellor) William Ross Macdonald.

In September 1999, Laurier opened a campus in Brantford, Ontario.

Nelson, James Gordon, 1932-

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  • 1932 -

James Gordon Nelson, (1932- ) was a professor at the University of Waterloo, in Waterloo, Ontario until his retirement in 1998. Nelson received his BA from McMaster University, his MA from Colorado, and his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. Before accepting a position with the University of Waterloo in 1975, Nelson held academic and administrative positions at the University of Calgary and the University of Western Ontario. He is an ecologist, a geographer, a planner, and a policy maker. James Gordon Nelson has been a member of the College of Fellows of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, a committee member of the World Commission on Protected Areas of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Canadian Parks and Wilderness, and Ontario's Representative on the National Board of Governors of Heritage Canada. He has received many awards, including the first Natural Heritage Award in 1978, the Canadian Association of Geographers Award for Scholarly Distinction in Geography in 1983, the Massey Medal for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society in 1983, a Certificate of Achievement from the Grand River Conservation Authority in 1994, and the 1994 Environment Award for the Regional Municipality of Waterloo.

Kelly, Michael

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  • 1953 -

Michael Kelly was born in Sudbury Ontario in 1953 and attended Laurentian University from 1973 to 1978. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and then matriculated to the University of Toronto (1979-1985) for his Master of Arts in History. During this time, he was asked to write a chapter in an upcoming local Sudbury history book to help celebrate the one hundred anniversary of the founding of Sudbury. The book was divided up into decades and Michael Kelly was assigned 1900-1910. This chapter was later completed by Ashley Thompson and the book was published ten years after its intended publication date in 1993 entitled Sudbury Rail Town to Regional Capital.

Other books Kelly worked on while a student at Laurentian include Inventory and Guide to Historic Building in Sudbury, 1978.

From 1979 to 1985, Kelly traded commercial paper and foreign exchange securities as part of a corporate cash management team with INCO Limited. From 1985 to 1986 he was a regional economic development officer in Northern Ontario and from 1986-1989 he operated as a training consultant for various companies. From 1990 to the present, Kelly has worked as a professor at Cambrian College specializing in Human Relations, Ethics and Project Management.

McClenaghan, Theresa, 1962-

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  • 1962 -

Theresa McClenaghan (1962-) is a Canadian lawyer. She has pursued public interest environmental law throughout her career, representing individuals, groups, and First Nations in environmental matters of local, regional, and national significance. McClenaghan obtained her LLB from the University of Western Ontario, an LLM from Osgood Hall Law School, York University, and a diploma in Environmental Health from McMaster University. She has been called to the bar of Manitoba and Ontario, and has practiced law in Kitchener, Paris, and Toronto, Ontario.

Leupold, Ulrich, 1909-1970.

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  • 1909 - 1970

Ulrich S. Leupold (1909-1970) was a professor and Dean at Waterloo Lutheran Seminary in Waterloo, Ontario. He obtained his PhD in musicology from the University of Berlin in 1932. He was ordained by the Canada Synod in 1939 and served as a pastor until 1945. He was appointed Principal in 1969. He authored, arranged, and composed numerous works. Wilfrid Laurier University's Leupold Residence is named in his honour.

Grace, George

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  • 1917 - 2007

George Grace was born January 15, 1917. He moved to Sudbury, Ontario from Toronto on December 15, 1939 and began work as a sports reporter for The Sudbury Star in 1942. After serving in World War II, Grace returned to reporting for The Sudbury Star. During the 1950's, Grace developed polio which left his right hand atrophied and forced him into a wheelchair for several years. With the help of his wife Isobel, his condition improved and he continued writing sports articles. Grace was eventually promoted to Executive Editor before retiring in 1980. Ten years later, Grace began a regular sports column entitled 'Looking Back' which ran for about a decade. His final article appeared in the paper December 31, 2000. George Grace passed away December 23, 2007 at the age of 90.

Keir, Robert John

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  • 1931 - Present

Robert John Keir was born in Port Colborne, Ontario, on April 15th, 1931. While Keir's British grandfather was a professional journalist, Keir himself never recieved formal training in journalism; instead, he developed and honed his journalistic skills through years of on-the-job experience. Keir began his journalism career at an early age as a paperboy for the Globe & Mail. As an adult, Keir began writing for The Evening Tribute of Welland, Ontario, from 1950-1952. It was also during this time that Keir was given the opportunity to work as a “stringer”, writing additional local stories for large media outlets The Toronto Star and the Buffalo Courier-Express. In 1954, Keir became an out-island feature writer for The Nassau Guardian of Nassau, Bahamas, under a six-month contract. When his contract expired that same year, Keir relocated to Sudbury, Ontario. Once in Sudbury, Keir continued to pursue his journalistic interests, covering local affairs for The Sudbury Star from 1954 until 1956. From 1956 to 1957, Keir reported City Hall proceedings for CKSO Radio and Television and from 1957 to 1959, reported these proceedings for The Sudbury Star.

In 1955, Keir was appointed Northern Ontario Correspondent for The Globe and Mail and retained this freelance position for more than ten years. In 1959, Keir founded the Northern Information Service Company Limited in Sudbury, Ontario. As General Manager, Keir played a participatory role in handling freelance news coverage, public relations, advertising, and photography until he ended the company in 1970. In addition, Keir was one of the founders of The Sudbury Sun in 1962, serving as publisher and editor.

By the early 1960’s, Bob Keir had become an active supporter of local interests. This resulted in a shift in career interests, which saw Keir serve as Public Relations consultant for the City of Sudbury from 1960-1961. Keir served one term as Alderman (1964-1965), and despite not continuing as an elected member of city council, Keir stayed on as a volunteer, serving on various community committees (such as the Sudbury Planning Board and the Parking Authority of Sudbury). Keir moved to Toronto in 1970 to work as Senior Communications Manager for the Ministries of Environment, Natural Resources, and Energy at Queen’s Park, but returned to Sudbury in 1982 to serve as Executive and Communications Officer for Regional Chairman Tom Davies until Keir’s retirement in 1995.

After retiring, Keir continued to publicly voice his concerns over local issues. As one of seven members of the Greater Sudbury Municipal Watch since discussion of Sudbury’s amalgamation began in the late 1990’s, Keir monitors key issues at City Hall. Other local initiatives Keir has been involved in include the Sudbury Community Foundation (as a founding director) and the Sudbury Regional Restructuring Association (as a founder and secretary). In 1992, Keir was awarded the Canada 125 Commemorative Medal for his volunteer efforts and the Ontario 15 Years Voluntarism Award. Additionally, Keir provides regular published insights in letters to the editor for The Sudbury Star.

Steinberg, Israel "Irving"

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  • 1919 - 2011

Israel "Irving" Steinberg was born January 16 1919 in Peterborough Ontario. Shortly after his birth he moved with his parents, Joseph and Leah Steinberg and his sister Rose Steinberg, to Sudbury Ontario where his father founded Toronto Bargain Stores. The Steinbergs lived in Sudbury until 1932 when they moved to Toronto. Joseph Steinberg died on July 14 1963, and Irving Steinberg as executor of his estate retained property in Sudbury until 1968 when it was expropriated by the city as part of a downtown urban development project. Irving Steinberg passed away on March 1, 2011.

Landry, Denis

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  • 1919 - 2008

Denis Landry est né à Azilda en Ontario, le 16 mai 1919. Il a commencé l’école à l'âge de sept ans et a gradué de la huitième année de l'École Publique Azilda #2, à l’âge de quatorze ans. Landry n’a pas pu continuer son éducation pour des raisons économiques. Il a commencé à travailler sur la ferme familiale où il s’occupe de la pasteurisation du lait et prend soin des animaux. Landry épouse Thérèse Paquette, le 6 janvier 1945. Sept enfants naissent de ce mariage.

Landry est un catholique dévoué qui aime la musique religieuse. Il est membre de la chorale de la paroisse de Chelmsford et quand la paroisse Sainte-Agnès est formé, il devient le directeur de la chorale pendant vingt ans.

Landry est une figure importante dans le secteur d'éducation dans les régions d'Azilda et de Chelmsford. Il joue un rôle significatif pendant la création de la Commission scolaire séparée du Roman Catholic Separate School Section No.1 [RCS.S No.1] en 1955. Il est nommé commissaire de la Commission scolaire séparée RCS.S No.1 de 1955 à 1956. Grâce aux efforts des commissaires, les écoles catholiques dans le district No.1 et No.2 se fusionné en 1961. Landry est élu président de la Commission scolaire séparée RCS.S No.1 & 2, le 7 janvier 1961. Les assemblés pour la commission sont tenus à l'école Ste-Marie à Azilda. Les commissaires de la Commission scolaire séparée jouent un rôle important dans la création de deux nouvelles écoles séparées; l’école St-Patrick et l’école St-Dominique-Savio. En 1965, Landry est nommé commissaire pour le Chelmsford Valley District High School Board. Il sert six ans comme commissaire pour ce Conseil pour assurer que tous les enfants catholiques de la région puissent poursuivre leurs études au niveau secondaire. En 1968, le Ministère de l'Éducation décide de restructurer l’administration en Ontario. Landry est nommé par le Chelmsford High School Board pour servir sur le comité 'Add-Hoc' pour préparer les documents nécessaires pour la restructuration des conseils scolaires en Ontario. Nommé représentant des écoles séparées de l’Ouest Landry tient ce poste pour douze années. Il dévoue 32 ans de service comme commissaire pour les écoles séparées et donne à une nouvelle génération d'enfants catholique française de la région de Rayside Balfour l’occasion d'apprendre et de grandir dans un système d'éducation convenable.

Lors de sa participation à l'évolution du système d’éducation à Azilda, Landry travaille comme mineur à Inco pour soutenir sa famille. Après 43 ans de service, Landry prend sa retraite et continue à travailler comme un agent d’immobiliers. Il est fier de la culture française. Son enthousiasme pour l'éducation, le village d'Azilda et la culture française l'inspiré à écrire et publier le livre Azilda, comme je l’ai connue.

Landry est aussi membre de la Coopérative funéraire et un membre fondateur du Club d’âge d’or d’Azilda. Denis Landry meurt le 6 mai 2008 à l'âge de 88 ans.

Walden Garden Club

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  • 1976 - 198-

The Walden Garden Club was first founded by Jean Narozanski in 1976. Narozanski was the municipal horticulturalist in Walden and also worked at the public library. She noticed a desire of residents to learn more about horticulture and founded the club to provide an outlet for various homeowners to discuss gardening. That same year, Narozanski also established Northern Perennials, a local gardening store. By 1980, Narozanski moved to Manitolan Island and the club discontinued around the mid 1980's.

Former Chairmen of the Walden Garden Club include;

Jean Narozanski 1976-1977
Evelyn Nelson 1977-1978
Myra Gauthier 1978-1979

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