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Archival description
Carlisle Development
CA ON00034 2012-004-2 · Series · 1968 - 1979
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of records relating to the development of Carlisle by the Cooke family in the 1970s. Series includes deeds; details of gas, water and road services; grade sheets; and contour plans.

Cooke fonds
CA ON00034 2012-004 · Fonds · 1855 - 2005

Fonds consists of material relating to J. Cooke Concrete and to William Jacob Cooke, and includes deeds and other legal documents relating to lands; correspondence; ephemera; news clippings; maps and plans; notes on biographical and administrative history; photographs; and artifacts.

Cooke family
CA ON00034 2012-004-4 · Series · 1998 - 1999
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of letters written by William J. Cooke and others in support of the Trillium Award for the Aldershot community.

CA ON00034 2012-004-6 · Series · 1951 - 2002
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of visitor maps of Burlington; advertisements and manuals for appliances, furniture, and Mack trucks; Burlington Centennial promotional material; concrete industry-related magazines and articles; and invitations and greeting cards. Series includes a Hamilton Forum program, 1961; a history of St. Matthew’s Church, 1951; and a historic tour of Aldershot, 2002.

J. Cooke Business Papers
CA ON00034 2012-004-3 · Series · 1940 - 1942
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of documents relating to Jacob Cooke’s property development business and includes correspondence, mortgage application questionnaires, National Housing Act specifications, materials and parts lists, receipts, Worker’s Compensation documents, purchase agreements, and cashed cheques. Series includes an operator’s manual for 1941 Chevrolet and Maple Leaf trucks.

Legal Documents
CA ON00034 2012-004-1 · Series · 1855 - 1983
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of legal records primarily relating to land transactions. Series includes indentures, deeds, land title documents, purchase agreements, survey information, and land descriptions.

Maps and Plans
CA ON00034 2012-004-8 · Series · 1941 - 1983
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of survey plans including Flamborough and Oaklands, and interior and exterior house plans. Series includes a US Coast and Geodetic survey, 1941.

News Clippings
CA ON00034 2012-004-7 · Series · 1958 - 2004
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of articles relating to W.J. Cooke and his involvement in the concrete industry; his work with the Rotary Club and other organizations; Cooke concrete plant history; development projects; Oaklands, Aldershot, and other local history; and the concrete industry.

CA ON00034 2012-004-10 · Series · ? - 2002
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of images relating to the Cooke family and businesses. Subjects include J. Cooke Concrete history (possibly compiled for a book), Grimsby Brick & Tile Co., concrete plant demolition, the Townsend home, and Oaklands.

Research Notes
CA ON00034 2012-004-9 · Series · 1954 - 2005
Part of Cooke fonds

Series consists of notes compiled on the Cooke family and their business ventures. Series includes W.J. Cooke biographical information, J. Cooke Concrete general history, and the history of Oaklands.