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ON00120 015-.1-1-5-1 · Pièce · 1940
Fait partie de Heit Family

One annotated photograph of Green Bay Lodge on French River. Jack Heit stayed in this cabin while working on a project for Pioneer Construction. Several cabins are visible by the shore of a river. Several boats are floating on the water and two individuals are partially visible near the dock.

Garson Volunteer Fire Brigade
ON00120 015-.1-1-6-1 · Pièce · [between 1951 and 1971]
Fait partie de Heit Family

One photograph of the Garson Volunteer Fire Brigade. Seated in the front row from left to right are Courtney Gregg, Lorne Bronson, Orlando Rinaldi and Jack Heit. Standing in the back row from left to right are Art Caswell, Pete Van Heukelom, Gus Della Vedova, Sam Gillis, Jack Hayes, and Urho Nasi.

ON00120 016-.1-1-2-1 · Pièce · [193-?]
Fait partie de Kantokoski (Koski), Koivula & Korpela Family

One annotated print copy of a black and white photograph of Matti Nikolai Kantokoski and his wife Maria Sofia sitting in a horse-drawn cart, while a young boy stands beside them holding a bicycle.

The African Violet
ON00120 036-2-1-1 · Pièce · Between 1949 - 1960
Fait partie de Chelmsford Women's Institute

Item is a four page paper, handwritten in pencil on lined linen paper, regarding the African Violet. This paper describes where the flower grows naturally and how to grow and care for the flower as a house plant.

Chelmsford Growth and Development
ON00120 036-2-6-1 · Pièce · February, 1957
Fait partie de Chelmsford Women's Institute

Item consists of a typewritten, annotated paper, written in the format of a speech, which was most likely presented to the group at one of their monthly meetings. The paper outlines the growth and development of Chelmsford, Ontario during that time period (1950's) and focuses on such events as the laying of new roads, the creation of a new sewage system, the opening of new subdivisions, improvements to the local churches and the work being done by local groups and sports teams, such as the Lion's Club, the Women's Institute, the Girl Guides and the high school hockey team.

Ramsey Lake - Jack Heit took photograph
ON00120 015-.1-1-3-1 · Pièce · [194-]
Fait partie de Heit Family

One annotated photograph of a crowd of over forty people gathered on a dock at Lake Ramsey in Bell Park. An individual can be seen diving off a diving board, as three boys stand on the diving board and watch.